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For those who have the honor of serving in the United States Air Force, picking which California base to call home is a difficult but important decision. With that in mind, this guide was created to help those interested in making California their Air Force home. It offers information on the best bases available in the state and ultimately helps those within the US Air Force decide where to go.

Home to a multitude of breathtaking air force bases, California offers something for everyone; both military personnel and curious explorers alike. Our list of the leading air force bases in California is sure to bring excitement and fascination to your adventure.

Edwards Air Force Base – Standing at the Ready.

Situated in the vast Mojave Desert, Edwards Air Force Base is a hive of aircraft activity. As the second-largest installment of its kind, this specialized outpost offers a veritable array of testing and research services, among them the Air Force Test Center, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Visitors to the base will also find an expansive airfield and a museum devoted to the enlightening history of flight testing.

2. The Travis AFB: Guarding the Skies

Home to Air Mobility Command’s 60th Air Mobility Wing, Travis Air Force Base is brimming with life and can proudly boast to be one of the most active installments in the world. Military personnel relegated to the base are provided with a bevy of amenities ranging from expansive hospitals, commissary, a bowling alley, and even an 18-hole golf course to while away their downtime. A bustling hub of activity in Northern California, Travis Air Force Base gives its residents ample opportunity to both work and play.

Take Flight at Beale Air Force Base

As a member of the prestigious 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale Air Force Base in northern California near Marysville boasts a magnificent flight line and comprehensive training amenities. Their portfolio of surveillance aircraft includes the U-2 spy plane and RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, both renowned for their high-altitude operation.

Situated along the majestic California coastline, the Vandenberg Air Force Base proudly maintains its place among the distinguished military installations worldwide.

Situated on the glorious California coast lies Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County, a cornerstone of military operations and a base of operations for every NASA mission. This state-of-the-art base is host to the esteemed 30th Space Wing and provides rocket training, testing areas, as well as a plethora of leisure amenities for military personnel.

LA Air Force Base: A Haven of Airpower and Strength

Situated in the vibrant city of El Segundo, Los Angeles Air Force Base is a veritable hive of space and missile defense activities. As well as housing organizations such as the Space and Missile Systems Center and the Air Force Satellite Control Network, this secure base also offers a range of recreational facilities for those persons serving in the military – think a full-equipped gymnasium as well as a refreshing pool.

The airforce bases in California are truly some of the finest and most majestic in the world. A military service member or even a traveler can appreciate the many nooks and amenities of these facilities, each boasting something special and unique. With an abundance of history and culture, a trip to these USAirForce bases will be an empowering journey. Those looking for launch points to explore the area should take advantage of these precious finds!

Post time: 2023-06-07

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