G10 Pneumatic Pick Air Shovel Cement Crusher

Short Description:

Product Description: The G10 air pick uses compressed air as the power tool, and the compressed air is distributed in two sections of the cylinder by the tubular distribution diverter valve in turn,……

Product Description:

The G10 air pick uses compressed air as the power tool, and the compressed air is distributed in two sections of the cylinder by the tubular distribution diverter valve in turn, so that the hammer body makes repeated impacting movements and impacts the end of the pick, causing the pick to strike into the rock or ore layer, causing it to split into pieces.


G10 air pick an applicable scope

1、Coal mining in coal mines, planning the foot pit of the column, opening the ditch;

2、Mining soft rock;

3、Breaking concrete, permafrost, and ice in construction and installation projects;

4、In the mechanical industry, where impact movement is required, such as loading and unloading of tractor and tank track pins.

Technical parameters:

Weight 10kg
Over all length 570mm
Piston dia 38mm
Rock drill conert size Φ24H8×42h3(mm)
Impact frequency 16Hz
Impact consumption 43J
Air consumption 26L/s
Air hose size 16mm
Working pressure 0.63MPa


No more struggles with conventional mining tools that have limited durability and demand frequent upkeep. Upgrade now with our game-changing mining tool – The G10 Air Pick; Your go-to for all mineral excavation including coal, diamonds, gold among others.

The compressed air-driven technology ensures two sections of cylinders receive force sequentially via a tubular distribution diverter valve which prompts repeated impacting movements by the hammer body ultimately striking against the end of the pick; hence breaking rock or ore layers into more manageable sizes easily.
Whether you are an accomplished miner or an amateur rock-collector, equipping your toolkit with this ultra-lightweight G10 air pick featuring an ergonomic handle will make your work enjoyable both indoors and outdoors regardless of how demanding conditions may be.


Coal Mining in Coal Mines
Undoubtedly, Coal Mining is one occupation characterized by frequent danger requiring skillful attention. Expertise is central to bringing success in industrial fields like mining, where specialized equipment is paramount.

The latest equipment innovations have been brought about by industry leaders focused on precision engineering and productivity around every turn – with tools such as the G10 air pick being prominent among them.
Coal miners have found this tool invaluable as it enables them to plan foot pits of columns while also opening ditches swiftly. The large coal chunks are made easy prey by this versatile tool which enhances transportation speed and simplifies processing requirements for more efficiency throughout operations.

Diamond miners similarly benefit from using the G10 air pick allowing them an easy time breaking through sturdy rock formations.
The gold mining process often requires special tools like the G10 air pick; this helps extract gold more efficiently from tough rock structures which was once a monumental task without proper equipment.

Other industries can benefit too- including construction work or drilling operations – owing largely due to the ruggedness of this tool; its ability suited perfectly for heavy-duty projects, making it a preferred choice for industries worldwide.

The G10 air pick continues to hold up under the toughest conditions, and users attest to the trustworthiness and unmatched efficiency it offers. Indeed, this tool has undoubtedly revolutionized mining and other industries that demand high-precision equipment with excellent performance capabilities.

Achieving optimal productivity and profitability has never been easier than with this exceptional tool at your disposal. Its sturdy construction, flexible capabilities and impressive efficiency make it a wise investment for any business or individual seeking improvement.

Take advantage of this valuable resource today to enhance your work output.



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